[IMAGE] Don’t Count On A “Lucky Break”

Don’t Count On A “Lucky Break”

The smell of turkey and football is in the air – it’s starting to look a lot like thanksgiving! In this thanksgiving themed blog post, we’re sharing the history behind the “wish bone” and insight as to why you might want to pass when it comes to betting on rivalry weekend. Come On, Give Me a Break! Breaking a wish bone has become a Thanksgiving tradition for many families, but did you know it originated over 2,400 years ago during the Etruscan [...]

[IMAGE] How Sports Betting Pools Risk More Than Money

How Sports Betting Pools Risk More Than Money

Can you believe that the football season is already almost half over? Is it going the way you expected? What has been the biggest surprise so far? It’s not easy to predict the winner of all 256 regular-season NFL games – let alone the spirited matchups in the arguably more volatile college football season. It’s even harder to forecast score spreads, the total score for the game, or who will win the championship at the end of the season. And yet [...]

[IMAGE] These are Not the Only Players in the Game

These are Not the Only Players in the Game

Football is here in full force! The preseason rankings are starting to show their true colors, and the top teams in both pro and college leagues are being defined. You can still count on plenty of upsets throughout the remainder of the season, but even the pundits can’t predict when or how they will happen. The outcome of any particular game depends on hundreds of factors. The starting quarterback might get injured in practice. The coaches might call the wrong plays. The [...]