[IMAGE] Why We Must Discuss Gambling Disorder for Men’s Health Month

Why We Must Discuss Gambling Disorder for Men’s Health Month

Did you wear blue? In 1994, President Clinton proclaimed “Blue Monday” as the kickoff event for Men’s Health Week. Each year since, the nation observes Men’s Health Week from Blue Monday to Father’s Day to bring focus on the health issues affecting men. In tandem, the entire month of June has been dubbed Men’s Health Month, a health education campaign dedicated to raising the awareness of preventable health problems among men. The top health issues affecting men include prostate cancer, diabetes, [...]


Support #StigmaFree for Mental Health Awareness Month

Millions of Americans experience life through the lens of mental illness, and millions more – their family members, friends, and other personal connections – are affected. Living with mental illness is hard enough. Stigma makes it even harder by shaming those who need treatment into fear and silence. Did you know that one in five Americans are affected by a mental health condition? May is Mental Health Awareness Month and a time to support a stigma-free world, where anyone who needs help is [...]


Join Us in PGAM!

March is Problem Gambling Awareness Month (PGAM). At its core, PGAM is a grassroots campaign that relies on a wide range of organizations from different industries to help raise awareness for the issue of problem gambling. As the conversation regarding mental health in the United States begins to intensify, it’s important that the gambling addiction treatment community has a voice. Some main goals of PGAM’s national campaign are: To increase public knowledge regarding problem gambling with a focus on awareness, prevention, and treatment options. To encourage [...]


Technology: A Force for Good or Evil

From the most basic technologies, i.e. “the wheel”, to the modern smartphone, technology has been changing the world. January 6 is the day to recognize those achievements and to look to the future of technology and how it impacts our daily lives. In many respects, technology has improved life on Earth. Our world is a lot smaller thanks to technology (both literally and figuratively). You can video chat with a friend who is 3,000 miles away via Skype or other [...]